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Spiritualis enim
(Arguments for a spiritual worldview)

Nam corporis
(Arguments for an atheistic worldview)

There are cases where people have seen a soul, understood as a sensation of something alive, who did not have a physical body Nobody has seen a soul, there are many who mistakenly believe they have experienced something that was not explained by physically based reasons.
Actually "eternal life" sounds as an impossible burden and incredible responsibility. The concept of "soul" may be invented, because people are afraid of death.
It's never been proven that the brain is the cause of awareness. Just because the soul usually seems located in the head, it does not mean that the soul is a part of the brain. If you destroy the brain's infrastructure - through which the mind usually stays in communication with the body - it renders him out of communcation. This simply corresponds to a man who put ashore on a deserted island, he still exists, but has now severely limited opportunities to communicate. It is not logical to assume that the brain is not the seat and origin of thought. If you destroy the brain, it causes ceased or reduced mental activity.
Memory is not stored in the brain. The flow of information from the senses travels through the brain, but in principle like the rest of the body. Brain structure has no capacity for even rudimentary storage. It has indeed never been proven that the brain contains even a single record of a single event experienced, with all its senses. The memory stored in the brain, we just do not know where and how. Just because we currently not know the specifics about this, it is not thus proved that it is not so. Someday, we probably find out exactly how memory is stored in the brain.
If the concept of soul is factual, it is not thereby determined whether the soul begins to exist, or has always existed. The "soul" has never existed - and never will exist.
The concept of "free will" exists, the fact that such a thing as "stimulus response" does not exclude the occurrence of the other. The free will does not exist, all thoughts are preceded by a stimulus that is acted on in relation to received earlier impressions. Thought processes are automatic and there is no opportunity to stop and take an actual "free choice". All our choices are the result of what has happened in the past, and now happens in the present as a respopnse. The concept of "free will" is an illusion.
That which is conscious of being conscious is the soul. Consciousness is something fundamentally extremely simple. "Consciousness" is the result of a huge complexity of neurons in the brain.
The soul can exist independently of a physical body. . When the physical body perishes the "soul" or "personality" stop existing.
Matter has no will, it is only something alive who "will to do". That determinism drives organisms to continued existence. That determinism is not physical but manifests itself physically. "Will to do" does not exist as such, but is something apparent based on complex physical circumstances.
Life's emergence as a coincidence is a theoretical impossibility. The chance of something very complex should occur is statistically present, but the chance that something random occurs (DNA) immediately afterwards also develops an operation to maintain and develop its own form and existence is a statistical impossibility. Life's emergence is a result of a complex evolution of fortuitous circumstances, a pattern without will. Will and self-preservation is a not actual, they do not exist, because matter is fundamentally not able to care if it still exists or which constitution it is in.
The physical universe is the result of a spiritual phenomenon, the spiritual is above the physical. If the spiritual can enforce physical unexplained events, such as telepathy, telekinesis or similar where the spiritual thus defies the laws of physics, it could be concluded that the something spiritual could be the very creator of the physical universe. The physical universe is the result of physical conditions which are not based on any "non-physical". The physical universe can not be influenced by something "spiritual".


Spirit: A non physical self-conscious existence which can manifest themselves physically.

Life: An organized matter which is controlled by an urge of continued existence of a specific shape(body). A tractor continues to be a tractor, it has no craving for it, when it crashes, it is indifferent. A living cell "wants" to continue to exist through reproduction, metabolism, etc. to ensure its continued existence.

Consciousness: An observation unit aware of observing, essetially selfaware, unlike an observation unit just recording, for example an audio recorder.


Spirit: A theoretical concept which covers not yet clarified phenomena relating to human mental life.

Life: An organized matter which is controlled by a chohesion apprearing to have an urge to the continued existence of a specific shape.

Consciousness: An observation unit which reacts to what it the register like an advanced computer.