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Q: So how did it all begin?

A: The GIGOB project was initiated as a rough pilot project and then reformatted into a final concept.

Q: From where are the principles in the lectures compiled?

A: From various sources in combination, that are aphorisms, scientists philosophers, and religions. Great care has been taken to only present principles which in content and shape should not offend any religion, nor promote a specific politic or be in conflict to general scientific findings. The choice of material to be presented is not influenced from any outside source, sponsors included. This is a broad data program, it includes data from almost all religions on the planet but points which the same time are fully backed by atheists, science in general and politicians in general. It's purpose is to establish "common ground of common sense". The focus is on what is important and yet everybody can agree upon. The show is actively reaching out and will include contributions from all people who has something to say which will benifit others as well.

Q: Does the GIGOB project in any way violate copyrights from other sources?

A: No, widely agreed upon knowhow about life and the physical universe is by law public domain. It is true that if a person for instance writes a book about electricity he has copyright on the way he presents the subject to his audience, that would cover text and illustrations etc. But anyone can after having read the book tell all they've learned about the subject to anyone else completely freely in his OWN way and by his OWN words. To learn more about intellectual property go here and here.

Q: Can the choice of subject of a lecture be suggested from the audience?

A: Yes indeed. Any good idea is most welcome, especially "information which knowledge thereof would be constructive to thy neighbor". If you have a good idea for the subject and content for a lecture, send us an email at:

Q: What do you hope to achieve with the GIGOB project?

A: To increase the number of people acting civilized in their relationship to their surroundings and living happy healthy lives.

Q: What is considered important when choosing content for a lecture?

A: That it can be presented very fast, easily assimilated and that knowledge thereof would make a positive difference for my audience.

Q: I have a question not answered by the above, what should I do?

A: Please send it to